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  • "In January of this year I was involved in a head-on collision in which my car was totaled.  After about 4 weeks, I noticed that I developed a pain on the one side of my intestines that extended from my groin to my leg area.  It continued to be a problem to the extent that I could hardly turn my leg outward.  Through massage therapy and proper chiropractor care under Dr. Slater's guidance and manipulations, the muscles that had been affected began to heal.  I now have full movement of my leg without pain.  I am grateful to the staff of Mason Chiropractic Center, whom I found to be very pleasant to work with.  I consider Dr. Slater to be very knowledgeable in his field.  I would recommend their care to anyone that needs any spinal manipulation.  Pain can have multiple causes due to the vast network of nerves, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments coming from the spine.  I believe in maintaining good core muscle strength through natural techniques, if at all possible.  I feel like the muscles keep everything in place, and it is important to know and understand your body.  For the most part the body can heal itself with the proper spinal alignment."  

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